Monday, July 14, 2008

Laying eyes on our son

(March, 2003) -- Sheryl calls later that afternoon to tell us Michele has decided that we are to be this boy’s parents. We are to come back to the agency’s offices the next afternoon to meet him and bring him home.

We go into a mild state of shock. In adoption, your whole world can change in a heartbeat. We are finally going to complete our family. We think. You just never know.

This time we bring Tessa. My parents also come to share in our special day. David’s cradle care parents are there, too – they’ve been taking care of David for the past two weeks while Michele made her decisions: first she had to be clear that adoption was her best choice, and second she had to decide who would be her son’s forever parents.

My parents and Tessa head for the conference room. Rob and I again greet Michele in her counselor’s office. This time, in her arms is a tiny bundle of blue. The baby boy was barely 5 pounds at birth, about a month ago. He is ravenously hungry, eagerly slurping the contents of the bottle Michele is holding.

I see her mixed emotions on her face as we enter the room. She silently braces herself. She is relieved to be done with this painful decision, but she knows she is experiencing her last few moments of parenting this baby. She greets us, but no smile is forthcoming. I cannot imagine what she is going through.

She allows me to hold her baby. Her baby. The baby. The baby. Our baby? Our baby.

I gaze into the deep blue abyss of his eyes. His body responds as if he, too, is bracing himself -- for yet another caregiver. His arms become rigid, palms balled up into fists, and he tries to focus on my face. I hold him closely and begin to coo and sing soothingly. Rob is looking over my shoulder, seeing all that is and will be for our family.

Cheryl herds us into the conference room, where Tessa is holding court over Michele’s three college roommates and David’s cradle care parents. Cheryl guides us through introductions, and says we’ll now begin our Entrustment Ceremony.

In a moment of group reverence, we all bow our heads.



Becky said...

Wow. This entry has me tearing up. What a powerful moment.

soul-quest said...

Just caught up, what an unbeleivable story. You must still be tingling from head to toe. Congradulations, Mazal Tov !