Friday, November 13, 2009

We're Number Two! We're Number Two!

(March, 2001) -- We were not Crystal's first choice.

Crystal invites us to a doctor’s appointment and to meet her son -- obviously the love of her life. Tyler, 4 years old, is wearing a dinosaur shirt and carrying a toy dinosaur in each hand.

Crystal and Tyler are very respectful and loving toward each other, and I can see that she’s provided for him all the important things in abundance. He is a happy child who quickly warms up to Roger. They are talking dinosaurs and baseball while Crystal and I tune in to the doctor.

We hear the baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound. This is still unbe-freaking-lievable to me. Just a week ago it seemed like this moment would never come.

After the appointment we take Crystal and Tyler to a Mexican restaurant. I ask Crystal if we were her first choice in parents. She reveals that she actually picked another couple first, Christy and Bob. We know them because they were in our adoption class.

She picked Christy and Bob because they are a bit younger than Roger and me. She took home their profile to show her mom, but she left it on the top of her car and lost it. She felt horrible about it, but it turns out the Christy and Bob were unavailable for the next several weeks and had to pass on this match anyway (BTW, Christy and Bob end up with the baby meant for them just a few months later).

Crystal then asked Lutheran Family Services to see our profile. She says she just knew that it was the right one. She says she still feels this way.

No wavering (so far).

I am glad for the small things.

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