Friday, January 15, 2010


(March, 2003) -- Cheryl, Michele's counselor, begins our Entrustment Ceremony.

("From Loving Arms to Loving Arms" courtesy of Lutheran Family Services of Colorado)

We meet today on truly hallowed ground. A child has been born to a family who was not in a position to become his parents. A family is standing with love for a child and could not conceive a child. Surely the hand of God has led us to this moment.

A blessing for the baby
Dear God, You are the birthparent of us all...we ask your blessings upon us as we gather out of love for this dear child.

Bless this new life, dear God, and watch over this child in the years to come. This child is made in your image...innocent, pure, remarkable and holy. Bless this child's waking moments and sleeping dreams.

May this child thrive and grow into a beautiful person. May this child always feel surrounded by love, faith and hope. Amen.

A prayer for the birthparents
Dear God, be with Michele and Andy. You know how very deeply they love this new child and how painful this is. Give them the strength and courage to trust and follow their hearts and the decision they have made in entrusting their child to others to become their new family member. Give them your comfort in the days to come...especially in the moments of doubt and sadness.

Bless the holy union that they have created with Lori and Roger, the parents they have chosen. Help Michele and Andy realize their dreams, knowing that your love surrounds them. May they live their lives with eyes that shine, blessed by the knowledge that they have done everything in their power to honor this blessed child. May they know peace. Amen.

(Michele places Reed in my arms.)
(and there are no words to describe)
(either my emotions or what I think Michele is feeling)

A blessing for the Adoptive Parents
Dear God, bless Lori and Roger as they become this child's Mom and Dad. We know that they cherish this child, and that this is a day for which they have waited a long, long time. What a gift and honor it is. Be with them on their journey as parents.

May Lori and Roger know your strength when the days are trying and the nights are long. Give them the gift of humor, and patience, oh Lord. Help them, over the years as this child grows, to honor the exquisite individuality and the unique person this child will become. May Lori and Roger always cherish and nurture the relationship with Michele and Andy, honoring their gift of the opportunity to parent this precious child. Let them welcome this baby into their arms, their hearts, and into their lives, surrendering themselves to parenting, with you as their guide.

There are tears in every corner of the room.

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Wow. Powerful. Beautiful. Congrats. :)