Monday, February 1, 2010

Legal sequel

(Fall, 2003) -- Our agency counselor, Sheryl, visits our home a few times, and we take more parenting classes at Lutheran. Six months pass and it’s time to go to court again. FOR THE LAST TIME!

Much as I love Sheryl, I am ready to be finished with social workers.

Same month, same judge. In October, we again go into the judge’s courtroom to finalize Reed's last name and to make us legally a forever family. Grandparents, aunts and uncles surround us to share our joy in welcoming Reed as a card-carrying member of our clan.

We remind the judge (who himself has been through three adoptions through Lutheran) that he presided over our daughter’s adoption almost exactly two years ago. He shows us photos of his family, and poses for photos of our momentous day.

We go out for brunch, secure in the knowledge that WE’RE DONE WITH AGENCY HOOPS! Woo hoo!

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